About Us

What’s Going On?

It’s hard to answer that question as a restaurant owner when all you’re doing is churning out orders. On top of that, you’re managing inventory, training staff, and just making sure the food goes from your kitchen to the customer’s doorstep within the estimated delivery window.

But what if something goes wrong? How do you avoid an angry phone call or a bad review? And what if everything goes right? How do you thank loyal diners for coming back to you, week after week? Do you even know who your loyal diners are?

We founded Bikky to answer these questions, and to put control of the customer relationship back in the restaurant’s hands.

Online ordering and delivery are a fast-growing portion of their business, and with it come many logistical, technical, and operational challenges. At Bikky, we’re building something that helps our customers adapt to these challenges, and ultimately stay in touch with their customers as the world goes digital.


Abhinav Kapur
CEO @ Bikky