Our Philosophy - Powering Digital Hospitality

Everything we do at Bikky is rooted in what we call "digital hospitality." With the growth in online ordering and delivery, the business is rapidly moving beyond the traditional four walls. Guests are now interacting with your brand without ever setting foot in your store.

How do you understand them if you never actually see them? How do you present your brand, values, ethos, and food - all the markers of traditional hospitality - if you never get to interact with them?

The key is data. Data unlocks deeper understanding and engagement. It helps you map the evolution of your own business, and stay in lock-step with what guests are saying and doing. Every order across cloud POS, loyalty, and delivery are opportunities to gain deeper insight into exactly who your customers are - and how to delight and retain them.

Our focus is on making this data accessible and actionable.

That's how we enable our brands to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment. That's how we power digital hospitality.

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