Good service doesn't end after the meal
Use Bikky for smart, data-driven marketing that keeps customers coming back.

What you can do with Bikky

Smartly engage diners

Target diners based on behavioral data with the right message at the right time. No more blanket offers and over-discounting.

Know every customer

Unify customer data from POS, delivery, and loyalty platforms to understand how every diner interacts with your brand.

Easily measure success

Simple reporting and a focus on ROI help you hit your marketing goals.

Create better campaigns
Bikky makes it easy to launch perfectly timed + targeted marketing campaigns that generate revenue.
  • Take the guesswork out of customer engagement with pre-built segmentation
  • Target diners across any channel with one integrated system for your customer data
  • Measure impact with revenue-based reporting and diner analytics
Know your customers
  • Unified customer view
  • POS Transaction to profile reconciliation
  • Loyalty program profile enrichment
  • Daily summaries delivered straight to your inbox
Campaign Management
Engage your customers
  • Customer auto-segmentation
  • Social media lookalikes
  • Customizable, automated customer engagement
  • Campaign revenue reporting

Let’s drive your growth today

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"With Bikky, my marketing just works. They connected my POS, delivery, and loyalty data to run targeted campaigns that immediately increase revenue"
Desi Saran
Sweetberry Bowls
Head of Customer Success
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