What Bikky does

Retain New Diners

Loyal diners spend 67% more than new guests

Engage Current Diners

65% of your customer base is recurring. Make sure they are satisfied

Recapture Past Diners

It costs up to 7X more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one

SMS-Based Engagement


Maximize retention and get feedback from the source

  • Incentivize repeat orders with special offers for feedback
  • Build brand affinity by showing customers you value their opinion

Turn Loyal Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

  • Prompt your best customers to spread the love and improve your online reputation
  • Build a sense of community among your loyal customers

Re-Engage Dormant Diners

  • Improve order frequency through targeted custom promotions

Start engaging with your customers today

How it works

We integrate with your online ordering channels

We consolidate everything into a single dashboard

You control when and where messages are sent (we’re still here to help!)