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4 Weekend Recommendations from the Bikky Team

Hi all! Abhinav here to give you restaurant owners four highly recommended reads / watches / listens for your weekend. Hope you enjoy them!

Abhinav (CEO)

David Chang’s interview at the Code Conference

Our take: Prior interviews we’ve seen with the king of the Momofuku empire have actually been pretty scant on details. This 30+ minute conversation though is a fascinating look at his empire. Watch the whole thing, but if you must, fast forward to around the ~25 minute mark to hear what David Chang's advice on how restaurants should approach the delivery business (teaser: he calls it “fool’s gold”). His comments here are particularly illuminating considering past misfires with Ando and Maple, the delivery-only concepts that shut down after only a couple of years in business. Can’t recommend this enough.

Matt (Lead Engineer)

How Restaurants are Adapting to the Rising Minimum Wage

Our take: Many of our customers (and other operators we’ve spoken with) all talk about how “something’s gotta give.” Most likely, it’s going to be menu prices, and customers are just going to have to deal with it. This article doesn’t have many recommendations beyond being transparent about why price increases are happening. Still, it looks like the industry as a whole may have to just brace itself for a near-term hit to profitability as the minimum wage creeps higher.

Shandeep (Head of Product)

How I Built this with Guy Raz: Au Bon Pain and Panera

Our take: This podcast series is one of our favorites, showcasing a diverse group of creators sharing their evolution stories. The interview with Ron Shaich, founder of both Panera Bread and Au Bon Pain, was particularly fascinating. Pay particular attention to his analogy around the 10-minute mark correlating bodysurfing with how he identifies business opportunities.

Chris (Business Development)

Cousins Subs Leverages Social, Marketing Tech to Stay Local

Our take: The big takeaway to us is Cousins Subs realizing the importance of giving a personal, localized feel to their business. Be it via social media or (even better) text message, businesses that can provide a personalized touch to their service will have a leg up on the competition.

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