Rethinking restaurants after COVID-19

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Solomon Choi is optimistic about restaurants after COVID-19. He’s the founder and CE-Yo! of 16 Handles, the leading frozen yogurt brand in NYC. He started in 2008, when the financial crisis was about to reshape our lives. And he’s never raised a dollar of outside capital, constantly competing with (and outlasting) better-funded upstarts. Like Andrew […]

Why do restaurants stay open during COVID-19?

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Andrew Schnipper is keeping his restaurants open during COVID-19. He’s the founder of Schnippers Restaurant Group in NYC and a pillar of the NYC restaurant community. He’s pragmatic, straightforward, and honest about where restaurants are heading after COVID-19. Andrew’s built brands through through 9/11, the financial crisis + great recession, and now this pandemic. And […]

3 lessons from a month studying sweetgreen’s customer engagement strategy

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sweetgreen usually comes up in most of our conversations with fast casual operators. How do they do it? What’s their secret? How do we replicate it? Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet to unlocking brand loyalty that drives >50% digital ordering. Still, I knew I needed to pinpoint some of the ingredients in their recipe of […]

Unpacking Grubhub’s Acquisition of LevelUp

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A little over a week has passed since Grubhub announced the acquisition of LevelUp, so we’ve had some time to reflect on the deal. Previously, Grubhub typically acquired regional brands (i.e. Foodler, OrderUp, Eat24) that mimicked its own business model — connecting restaurants with diners via a marketplace model. LevelUp though has no delivery business at all, and is […]

Order Delivery Disruption: The Future of Food Delivery and How To Regain Control Over Your Restaurant

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News flash: delivery is big. It’s revolutionized a number of industry verticals —electronics, clothing and fashion, groceries, and even razors. And there’s no choice but for it to continue on a long growth trajectory, with so many people choosing to order from their couch instead of going to the store. The restaurant industry is no […]